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At Oottru, we’re trying to re-imagine the work and living spaces of the 21st century. We aim to empower people and businesses in the transition to a whole new way of work and life – that is more productive, entertaining and sustainable.

Through our commitment to quality, meet customer needs and respond to changing business & technology. Exceed customer expectations by providing solutions that solve the problems and create new business for customers.

A Commitment to innovation and excellence.


Oottru has been pioneering the use of innovative technologies since 2012. Our solutions are custom-built for a wide range of applications.


We provide clients with solutions that:

  • improve operational efficiency and productivity
  • Simplify the operation of an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices and technologies


Oottru helps clients by integrating state-of-the-art technology into existing or new facilities. Clients can engage us to undertake turnkey project management or supply only specified equipment.


At Oottru Technologies we live to solve problems with software

Few organizations can offer the breadth of technology know-how that we do, even fewer can actually follow through. We are seasoned industry experts and we have the tenure to back it up. Our clients have relied on us for our predictable execution and peerless results.

Oottru Technologies’s experienced team of designers, architects and engineers make your challenges our own. Whether enterprise software, mobile applications, business process technologies, it matters to us because YOU depend on it.


Website Designing and Development is a common phenomenon these days in the world of business as the world is getting more and more digital. Then how can we not move ahead with the latest HTML5, CSS, Flash, Bootstrap, PHP, Ajax & other Web 2.0 & server-side technologies. The logical understanding of all these ultimately create the website of your choice with cross-browser compatibility.



The smart phone industry is booming and it shows no chances of recession in the coming decades so why anyone would leave the chance of driving the world only with the fingertips! The coming generations are going to access internet via mobile only. So, it is better to give them the option of Mobile Apps instead of web on mobile. Quick, easy and productive!!

Application Testing

Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking.

Software Testing enables your organisation to concentrate on its core development activities while we handle the validation work independently. Regardless of the scope and frequency of your testing needs, it is often time saving and cost effective to engage an independent team of software testing professionals to do the job for you.

Performance Testing

Our structured performance engineering methodology instils consistency across IT projects and ensures the tests we design accurately reflect the unique needs of our clients. Although we have meaningful partnerships with the leading performance testing solutions, we are technology agnostic and believe in recommending the best tool for each requirement, as well as the future plans of our clients.

Web & Mobile Device Testing

Our web and mobile device testing consultants have access to the latest technologies in test automation, cloud-based browser and device emulation services, as well as an up to date range of physical devices (including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile), to enable rapid, cost-effective, multi-platform testing to be carried out for our clients.

Test Automation

Automating repetitive and time consuming software tests, particularly regression tests, can offer huge advantages to today’s software projects, not only by reducing cost and time for test execution, but also by improving the accuracy of tests and enabling them to be run more often.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is often a vital part of the software development lifecycle, whether systems are being developed internally or purchased off the shelf, with or without bespoke elements. Application owners and subject matter experts within organisations are increasingly asked to take on UAT activities, in addition to their usual day jobs. This approach has advantages, the primary one being that new or changed systems are tested by the people who will actually use them – vital in gaining assurance that key business activities are still supported by the systems under development.

Software Testing Tools

Working with our technology partners, we can offer leading-edge software testing solutions from the likes of HP, Oracle and Borland. We are also experts with popular open-source testing solutions such as Selenium.

  • Performance Testing Tools
  • Test Management Tools
  • Test Automation Tools

Customer Care

Comprehensive Customer Care That Fulfils Your Every Business Need.

The delivery of excellent customer care is a critical factor in the success of any organization. Customer service that is efficient, prompt and going beyond expectations will ensure a satisfied, happy and loyal client base, and will attract positive referrals. Oottru Technologies, empowers your business’ customer relationship management efforts through its efficient customer services tailored for your every need.



The Unicorns of business have proven their existence. The E-commerce has planted its legs. And there are many businesses which are going to be carried out with e-commerce. We are one among them. How??? While we are going to offer you our services of designing the e-commerce portal for you in the most creative and business generating manner.


Our online shopping website designers know exactly what is required to clock more sales.


Our online shopping website designers know exactly what is required to clock more sales:


Our online shopping website designers know exactly what is required to clock more sales.

Staff augmentation


IT business has some ups and downs also. At times you need lot many employees or sometimes the scene changes; but we have to be consistently ready for each and every situation. And for the same we will help you out. Whenever you need Human Resource (more than usual); just ask us.


Oottru Technologies’s experienced team of designers, architects and engineers make your challenges our own. Whether enterprise software, mobile applications, business process technologies, it matters to us because YOU depend on it.

Startup Solutions


A Startup is ‘A Dream Come True’. You need everything in the right manner. The right hardware, cost-efficient software, perfect configuration, quick deployment and prompt cloud services are all we have to offer you to help your Startup start. Yes there is competition but do not worry we are here to maintain your budget to meet the challenges while fitting your concepts into your business.

Build Operate & transfer


Companies that opt for the build-operate-transfer model have a vision to own and operate its own organization, usually in a foreign country, but would like to strengthen its capabilities first and mitigate a newbie’s risks during the start-up stage. We undertake a contract with such companies to build an offshore delivery or shared services organization and operate it for a set period.

During the build stage, we handle all administrative and legal matters, set up the infrastructure and office spaces, and provide the personnel and other resources.

During the operate stage, we provide and manage services including the range of human resources services (recruitment, training, etc.), finance and accounting (payroll, expenses, etc.), facilities and IT management, quality assurance, and many more.

During the transfer stage, which may come even earlier or later than the contractual period, when the company decides that it can take on, and thus, buy the entire operation, we will support the transition until it is eventually out of the picture.

Careers at Oottru

Oottru is a company that appreciates diversity. We believe that besides employing the best talent, the range of perspectives, ideas, and cultures leads to the creation of a better service. This diversity of our people provides us with a base to serve our clients and stakeholders in a more efficient way.

We are dedicated to connect the right person with the right business at the right time in an inclusive business climate for all involved- the prospective candidates, our clients, our employees.

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