About us

A Commitment to Innovation and Excellence.

We are laser focused in creating products that enable our customers to have a more creative life and we do this with passion, innovation and excellence.

To simplify everyone's lives through innovation and excellence in the products and solutions we develop and invigorate creativity in everyone's lives.

And this we do by working on the latest and greatest of the technologies and by simplifying the complex systems and make technology affordable and usable by everyone.

To build high quality products and solutions beyond customer’s expectations.

We are a committed team to devliver high quality products and solutions and we continuously innovate to improve the qualtiy of delivery. And at the sametime we remain, simple, humble and cost effective. Our goal is to make our delivery based on the goals of our customers or clients rather than what is just asked for. This we we integrate well into the fundamentals of our partner's mission and vision to be able to deliver beyond expectatations. It gives us the ability to integrate well with our partners and scale to meet their goals.

Our approach is to partner and grow with our partner and scale up to reach our mission and our vision.

  • We Innovate at everything we do
  • We are Passion freak, every one of us live with passion and invigorate to pursue innovation everyday and in everything we do.
  • We are a Quality first company, be it products, services or solutions we deliver high quality.
  • We pursue excellence in what matters the most for the products and our services.
  • And we simplify what we do.

Our Culture

We believe that a diverse team provides a wide range of life experiences and hence be able to do the creative thinking. We believe that the success and failure are part of life and move forward by learning from others mistakes and succeed. We beileve to go in depth and detail to provide high quality products. We believe in everyday learning and spend ample time in learning new technologies and methods and adapt them to develop our solutions quickly and effectively without a compromise on quality. Each team spends ample time on a day today basis to learn new technology, tips and tricks within their domain to be able to adapt to the ever changing world. This is something seen very rarely among companies.

We entertain ourselves during birthdays, festival seasons and sports events. Even a Exit of an employee is honoured with a greeting card and a cake. We are part of one Oottru family.