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Cricut and Oottru partnership is now 3 year!

Cricut partnership with us enters 4th year and Oottru is now helping Cricut scale up globally
and be top in the competitive markets across the world.

Our Growth Story

When Cricut partnered with Oottru to deliver the first version of Android mobile app, the response from the customers was simply amazing. And thats how it all started. And over the last few years we have provided solutions to cloud software, e-commerce sites and mobile apps.

We are the Official partner for Cricut for
software development, testing and deliveries.

We extend the software teams of Cricut to help them create software that look beautiful and work great. Our dedicated team of software developers
work in providing Circuit the edge in terms of quality and meet the quality needs of the product.A dedicated team of developers are
always hands on deck when it comes to providing Cricut the edge in terms of quality and usability.

  • Team Oottru are bringing the working on a new E-commerce site for Cricut that is more scalable, high performing and easy to use

  • Team Oottru helps Cricut release its latest
    mobile apps featuring a newbrand
    new font design


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